Collabis Workshop

24.-28. Mai 2010 an der German University Cairo

Collaborative analysis of multiperspective video recordings of media installations presented by the GUC courses Interaction Design and Media Installation



  • Prof. Fetzner, Prof. Dr. Taube, Katja Wahl, Bernd Dudzik
  • GUC students
  • HFU project group CollabIStream
  • Research group mBody, Freiburg

The workshop will take place in the rooms C3-122, C3-101 and C3-121

Mo May 24 3 pm Frankfurt - Cairo Transfer to Dahab Hostel
Tue May 25 - Sight Seeing Egyptian Museum and Pyramids
Wed May 26 9 am GUC Set up of Collabis

2 pm
Configuration of work stations + Introduction
Thu May 27 9 am GUC

2 pm
multiperspective video recordings of all installations. Parallely collecting and formating of the videos, transfer of videos to Kollabis and set up of work environment for workshop day 2
Fri May 28 10 am GUC Workshop Day 2

Working with Kollabis: Analysis of group video material with the software features (time, directions, text annotations) towards the following topics: joy of use, user expectations and reality, possible grading criteria. Introduction to analysis criteria in preceding (text-)discussions.

Sat May 29 10 am GUC Workshop Day 3

Working with Kollabis: Analysis of group video material (see above)
Concluding discussion